Flyga Twiga LLC Gives Safari Talk in Seoul, South Korea

Amy Millican, owner of Flyga Twiga LLC will be speaking in South Korea at the Seoul International Women’s Association’s August meeting of their Working Women’s Network. Her discussion topic is “When You Become Part of the Food Chain: 7 Ways to Stay Safe & Still Have Fun on an African Safari.“

Each year thousands of people arrive in Africa to fulfill their dream of going on Safari. Going on an African Safari is at the top of many “bucket lists” and often fuelled by childhood dreams of seeing “The Big 5” – Black Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, Lions, Leopard, African Elephants. Rarely, but every once and awhile, the “trip of a lifetime” turns into a tragedy as one or more Safari goers forget the primary rule of being in the Bush, which is: “When you are on safari, you become part of the food chain!”

Amy Millican will offer 7 ways to stay safe -while still having fun- on an African Safari. Attendees will learn from her years of experience of living and working, including in remote field camps, in Africa. She will cover some of the do’s and don’ts (and even a few Safari fashion faux pas to avoid!) that will help keep you safely taking pictures of the magnificent African wildlife instead of becoming their next meal.

Amy Millican is the owner of Flyga Twiga LLC, a personal safari service and consultancy, focused on wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism. She is a member of The Explorer’s Club and the Africa Travel Association and has worked throughout Sub-Saharan and Southern Africa, including on sustainable tourism with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS-the international branch of the New York Zoological Society/Bronx Zoo) in South Sudan. She believes by helping people experience wildlife through Safaris, many species, who are near extinction, will be saved.

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