Flyga Twiga LLC Exclusive Partner with Kenyan Embassy
in Seoul, South Korea for KITS 2016

Flyga Twiga LLC has been asked to be the exclusive partner with the Kenyan Embassy in Seoul, South Korea for the Ilsan KINTEX’s Korea International Tourism Show (KITS) 2016.

Flyga Twiga was chosen for this partnership due to their commitment to sustainable tourism and the unique offering of bespoke personal Safari services in Kenya. Flyga Twiga’s clients have come from such diverse places as the United States, Peru, and Haiti.

The Flyga Twiga and Kenyan Embassy partnership follows the highly successful partnership between the two for the 31st Annual Korea Tourism Fair (KOTFA), held in June 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. KOTFA saw Flyga Twiga introduce Kenya and Flyga Twiga’s bespoke personal Safari services to over 3,000 South Korean and international attendees

Also attending the event is Flyga Twiga’s South Korean Partner, Professor Chiwon Choi. Ms. Choi is a former Emirates™ First Class Flight Attendant and a Member of the Business Promotion Team. She currently teaches at an Aviation College in Seoul, South Korea and has extensive international travel and work experience.

KITS will be held from Thursday, August 18th through Sunday, August 21st, 2016, at Ilsan KINTEX with the theme of “Light up Korea!” KITS is sponsored by the South Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries; Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs; Ministry of Environment; Korea Forest Service; Korea Railroad Corporation; and the Korea Tourism Organization.


Amy Millican is the owner of Flyga Twiga LLC, a personal Safari service and consultancy, focused on wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism. She has worked throughout Sub-Saharan and Southern Africa, including on sustainable tourism with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS-the international branch of the New York Zoological Society/Bronx Zoo) in South Sudan. She believes by helping people experience wildlife through Safaris, many species, who are near extinction, will be saved. In recognition of her contributions to conservation and the scientific community in 2015 she was nominated  for membership in The Explorer’s Club.


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