Kait Hanson ©CommuniKait

Kait Hanson ©CommuniKait

I first heard about Flyga Twiga through an article in MOAA, which led me to the website, where I feel like I first ‘met’ Amy. I say met, because through her website, copy, photography and blog, her passion for Africa, sustainable tourism and creating a unique safari for each client is tangible. I wrote her an e-mail right away and the next thing I knew, we were setting up a Skype call so she could better understand the type of trip my husband and I wanted, our level of comfort with adventure, our budget and more. The fact that she immediately wanted to discuss what our personal top priorities were, I knew we were getting a top-level experience that an agency or standard tour operator simply cannot provide. On our call, I felt as if I was chatting with an old friend who I’d known for years - Amy is warm, caring and extremely knowledgeable in her field. You can tell she loves what she does by the amount of detail she provides in the planning process from start to finish. I will use Flyga Twiga and Amy’s expertise without hesitation for all future trips to Africa and cannot recommend her enough for anyone considering a trip to the most magical continent on the planet.

Kait Hanson
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The Nikki Group Safari © Flyga Twiga LLC

The Nikki Group Safari © Flyga Twiga LLC

“It was such a pleasure travelling with Flyga Twiga and Airports & Beyond Tours! We will definitely be back!”
“Everything you did was great. Thank you for the patience with our group and the excellent guide Peter.”
“Kibo was great – very relaxing and the food was good. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful.
“Everything as great.”
“Charles gave us an excellent briefing and the gifts were such a welcome surprise!”
“Peter was such a great guide and companion during our trip. Everyone loved him!
“Will recommend to all our friends and colleagues.”
The Nikki Group

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I can think of no one more committed to Africa's wildlife, cultures and people than Amy. We traveled together to Sudan and South Sudan in 2010; her curiosity and compassion made the trip both more interesting and enjoyable - despite sometimes difficult conditions. I would hop into a jeep with her anywhere in West Africa and feel secure and excited for the adventure ahead! Her focus on sustainable tourism is another great strength -- to visit, to learn and leave behind no tracks. Flyga Twiga is a natural extension of Amy's passion, and we're fortunate she's expanding to share it with the rest of us.

~ Stacy Carlson

I have had the opportunity to travel and work with Amy in some highly challenging countries.  She has a beautiful good-natured attitude and great organizational skills that assure that things progress smoothly.  As Amy has traveled extensively in Africa and abroad, she is at ease and comfortable working and communicating in many cultures.  I highly recommend Amy as a personal travel leader.

~ Sarah Wilson

Having attended numerous occasions that were planned, organized and hosted by Amy Millican, I can assure you there is NO ONE who strives harder to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of her guests than Amy. Even in a harsh environment like South Sudan, Amy still managed to provide for every need while doing so in a responsible, sustainable manner.

I was always impressed by Amy’s knowledge of the culture and history of East Africa, its people and especially its wildlife about which Amy is incredibly passionate. If you were not informed about Africa and in-love with its wildlife you will be after spending any time with Amy!

I am sure for anyone contemplating a safari in Africa would have concerns about safety, comfort and about the impact your adventure will have upon the people and wildlife of Africa. In that case you could do absolutely no better than to place yourself in the capable hands of a knowledgeable, resourceful and dedicated professional like Amy Millican. Amy will ensure that your safari will be a wonderfully memorable occasion that also meets the highest standards for comfort, care and sustainable tourism.

~ Larry Duffee

An African safari especially the east African one is a more challenging, but has got all the excitement and fun as well. A dream safari with smooth, trouble free, and efficient service, will have to come from someone who has passion, commitment and love for the animals.

Amy Millican has got all, which would make her the perfect choice for your dream safari in East Africa. I am doing justice in saying this, since I know her personally and the passion and love she has for the animals. In fact the friendship we have today is because of the common interest and love we have for the animals.

East African culture, society and the environment is more challenging and it is not easy for someone who does not know the region. In Amy’s case she is well acquainted with this region and has travelled around the whole of East Africa and learnt about the culture of the local people and has enough knowledge on the unexpected challenges in the Safari Business.

Over and above, Amy’s vision for Sustainable Tourism in East Africa through her new venture will be one of the pioneering efforts especially for the countries like South Sudan, which is still looking for ways and means of development and this safari business will be a great breakthrough for them.

I knew it at once she is going to name her new business as ‘Twiga’ as she loves it. Twiga is the Swahili (a tribal language in Africa) word for Giraffe. Amy has made the right choice by choosing the best business venture that perfectly suits her skills, passion and interest. I wish ‘Flyga Twiga’ all success as its going be the premium wildlife safari of East Africa.

All safari lovers out there! This is a once in lifetime journey for you after all, so your decision needs to be right and that should be ‘Flyga Twiga’.

~ Gnanaraj Sadacharam


I met Amy in 2012 in Juba, South Sudan and worked under her for the whole year, i.e. she was my boss. Although she was my boss, I discovered that she is a very sensitive person in so many ways and was always willing to help to me become a better person.  She had a gentle way of correcting me and unlike many bosses, Amy said 'sorry' whenever she felt like she 'scratched' my heart. From the many days we spent together in 2012, a friendship developed which we've nurtured to date. She is a very caring and loving person.

She is also very brave and has lots of tips in safety which I were exposed when we worked in one of the field sites out of Juba - where poisonous snakes just had a bad habit of 'carelessly' showing up!'

All this is to simply say she is great to work with and travel around with.

~ Lynette Nzasu


Sunset South Sudan © Flyga Twiga LLC

Sunset South Sudan © Flyga Twiga LLC